Leadership Team

The church is led by a group of elders including the pastor who are responsible for the spiritual running of the church and the pastoral care of those who attend or come into contact with our church.

The practical running of the church is managed by a group of deacons.

Under Christ’s authority, the Elders and Deacons serve Dungannon Baptist in our daily needs. No matter what their role, our leaders are Biblically-qualified, grace-filled and Spirit-led.

The leadership at Dungannon Baptist is ultimately here for you. They are here to encourage you, to serve you and to empower you to be a leader in your own areas of influence. They help create a godly community that you can be a part of, one of servant-hood and sincerity, humility and hospitality, repentance and rejoicing.

Our Leadership Team


Paul Simpson (Pastor)

John Crawford

Leslie Holmes

Michael Thompson



Chris Green

Desmond Henderson

Richard Hyland

Hugh Sterritt


Pastor Simpson & Lynette

Pastor Paul Simpson & his wife Lynette


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