As a church, our purpose can be summed up in the word ‘GRACE’

G: we want to grow spiritually and numerically,

R: we want to be relevant in biblical teaching and application,

A: we want to actively encourage members to use their gifts,

C: we want to care for one another and meet the needs of others &

E: we want to evangelise our community and beyond with the gospel

We want to lead others to Christ and enable them to grow to spiritual maturity

As a church we believe our purpose is to see people become Christians through the presentation of the Word of God.

We aim to see those who are already Christians grow in their faith, becoming more confident of what they believe and being helped to live more and more in the way in which Jesus Christ lived.

We believe that although the message of the Bible does not change, the ways in which we present it do change as society changes and we believe that it is our purpose to present the message of the Bible in a clear and relevant way which helps people to understand it.

We believe that the church is a community. This community has a responsibility towards each other, to encourage, support and challenge, to share the good times and the bad, and through everything to help each other to live in the way Jesus Christ wants us to.

Each person in the church is there for a purpose. The Bible clearly teaches that everyone who becomes a Christian is given gifts and abilities which are to be used to help the church.

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